Fees are payable when appointments are made on the website, or 24 hours before the appointment time if an invoice is requested.  If you would prefer to be invoiced, or are not able to use the online booking tool, please email teresa@personalchange.ca or phone/text 1-778-358-9153.

No-Show / Missed appointment Fees

Should you miss an appointment without providing the requested 24 hours notice, you will be required to pay the no-show fee of $89.00 CDN before your next appointment can take place.  This fee may be waived by Personal Change Coaching at our discretion.

Solution Focused Coaching – Introductory offer $55/hr

Personal change comes from partnering with a coach on a solution focused process. Coaching is meant to be short term and future focused: where do you want to be / what do you want to be experiencing and what are you going to do to get that? Coachees are expected to show up ready to work. Sometimes there is homework – there is always personal growth.

Personal Development Coaching, Personal Change Coaching, and Career Coaching are all Solution Focused Coaching.

Our regular rate is $89/hr and may be re-instated at our discretion.

Solution Focused Coaching Series – $280 for 6 sessions (introductory pricing)

Pre-book 6 sessions for a 15% discount AND to build momentum by committing to YOU and to the process. Contact me to learn more.

Our regular rate is $455 for 6 sessions and may be re-instated at our discretion.

Mentoring – $175/hr

Tap into my knowledge, expertise, and training to not just coach you, but to also advise you, guide you, and suggest alternatives. Costs more than coaching because you are paying for my expertise across multiple industries and technical knowledge as well as my coaching skills.

Business Coaching

I offer business, website and marketing coaching and consulting through Mindset Marketing Services.

A Note: Counselling and mental health services are not the same as Coaching.

Sometimes in your life, you may find yourself needing a mental health practitioner, such as counsellor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. If you want to understand the ‘why’s’ of your life, work on your emotional patterns, or if you have a mental health diagnosis that means you need a specific kind of support, please find someone in the appropriate medial / mental health field. I’ve benefited from counsellors at many different junctures in my life so would be thrilled to know you are supporting yourself in this way.

Coaching can work side by side with counselling because in sessions with me, we are partnering on a future focused and solution focused methodology that is about outcomes and solutions that move you into your future, as opposed to understanding the past, the whys or any underlying mental health challenges.