Solution Focused Coaching – Introductory offer $55/hr

Personal change comes from partnering with a coach on a solution focused process. Coaching is meant to be short term and future focused: where do you want to be / what do you want to be experiencing and what are you going to do to get that? Personal Development Coaching, Personal Change Coaching, Mid-Career Coaching are all Solution Focused Coaching.

Solution Focused Coaching Series – $280 for 6 sessions (introductory pricing)

Pre-book 6 sessions for a 15% discount AND to build momentum by committing to YOU and to the process. Contact me to learn more.

Mentoring – $225/hr

Tap into my knowledge, expertise, and training to not just coach you, but to also advise you, guide you, and suggest alternatives. Costs more than coaching because you are paying for my expertise across multiple industries and technical knowledge as well as my coaching skills.

Talk at Teresa – $600/hour

If you are looking for someone with whom to do ‘talk therapy’ – in other words, you just want to vent, complain, purge, or talk it out, then this is the session for you. Why is it so expensive compared to my other services? Because I have to go to extra lengths limit asking you questions that will help you to create personal change. That’s super hard work as a coach. However, I do understand that you want what you want and you may not want to create personal change for yourself – you may just want to gripe about stuff to an outside person and don’t care if I do anything other than listen. The reality is, I will still coach you – because I believe that you will live your best life when you are not stuck.

You might be wondering if this session is for real. I am indeed trying to make a point – if you don’t want to actually change, its going to cost you. I’m here to provide coaching services and that entails a two way dialogue and a willingness on your part to do your work to change. Results and personal change is why you found me – not talking at me. Why not book a coaching session instead?

Note: if you want to book one of these sessions with me, I will respectfully refuse the appointment.

Counselling – not offered.

Sometimes in your life, you may find yourself needing a mental health practitioner, such as counsellor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. If you want to understand the ‘why’s’ of your life, work on your underlying emotional states, or if you have a mental health diagnosis that means you need a specific kind of support, please find someone in the counselling field.

I think it is so important for people to get the help they need. I’ve benefited from counsellors at many different junctures in my life so would be thrilled to know you are supporting yourself in this way. Coaching can work side by side with counselling because in sessions with me, we are partnering on a future focused and solution focused methodology that is about outcomes and future focused solutions, as opposed to the past, the whys or any underlying mental health discussions.