While the coaching that I will do with you does not involve me telling you how to live (because I believe that your essential self already knows this!), I do understand that you’d like to know my training, my experience and what kind of person I am. This page is therefore a bit about me and my life so you can get a sense of if we might be a good fit.

To begin, I’ve been a daughter, sister, friend, lover, aunt, and mother. I’ve been a volunteer as well as worked part-time, full-time, contract work, temporary work, full-time work in corporations, non-profits, education, government as well as running several of my own solopreneur businesses.

The training that influences my approach to being in service to others:

  • Solution Focused Coaching Diploma – Erickson International (Aug 2021-May 2022)
  • Internal Family Systems informed (Sept 2021 – Mar 2022)
  • Heartmath Facilitator (December 2021)
  • Fundamentals of Coaching – Coactive Institute (March 2021)
  • High Performance 4 day Seminar – Brendon Burchard (2018, 2019)
  • Certified Change Management Professional – Prosci (2016, 2018)
  • International Standards Organization Quality Management Audior – ASQ (2010-2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science – Simon Fraser University (includes 3 years of undergraduate work in psychology and education)

Things that I have gone through in my life that you may be able to relate to

  • Chronic pain and chronic health struggles
  • Close family/friends coming out as LGBTQ2+
  • Depression and anxiety in self and family/friends
  • Supporting elderly parent through dementia
  • Unstable housing and ‘couch surfing’
  • Single parenting, parenting
  • Addiction in close family/friends
  • Self-employment, contract work, part-time work, multiple jobs
  • Death of close family/friends at a young age
  • Spiritual struggles and questionings
  • Exploration of multiple spiritual paths
  • Financial insecurity and stressors, and income growth

I think that is it for now – hoping this summary helped. If you’d like to know more, why not book a free consultation with me? We can connect and get to know if we are a ‘right fit’ for working together to change your life!

Oh wait! There is one question that I didn’t answer! Am I a cat person or a dog person? Well depends on the day and how quickly my allergies hit me!

Cream coloured dog with duck toy