About Teresa

Welcome to one of the strangest pages of a website for a solo-preneur – where the author tries to provide a biography of oneself without sounding stiff or too informal.

You want to know about my background – and why you should hire me. Am I qualified to help you? What are the skills and experiences that I bring to being your coach? And of course, what are my philosophies and preexisting ideas that underlie the work that I do with people?

Does that sound about right?

My education is pretty broad:

  • Currently, I’m registered in The Art & Science of Coaching at Erickson International and I’m working towards my Associate Certified Coach status with the International Coaching Federation
  • I’m in the process of completing an course to be an Add Heart Facilitator, and highly recommend their free online program The Heartmath Experience
  • I am also a Certified Change Management Practitioner with Prosci, using their ADKAR method for personal change.
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in which my focus was Canadian Politics. During that degree, I took 3 years of psychology in addition to courses in gerontology, gender studies and education.
  • I have completed the Coaching Fundamentals with the Co-Active Training Institute.
  • I’ve attended the High Performance Academy by Brendon Burchard, 2018 & 2019 (now Growthday)
  • And I’ve also been an International Standards Organization (ISO) certified Quality Management Auditor.
  • I’ve taken formal training in web design, marketing, communications, technical writing and business management.

My experience at work is also varied as I’ve been self-employed as a Web Designer, Virtual Assistant, and as a Marketing and Business consultant. I’ve designed and led training, run offices, done strategic planning and business planning and I’ve organized international conferences, weddings, webinars and in-person group sessions. I’ve been a supervisor and a middle manager in the private sector as well as the public sector. I’ve managed/supervised from one to sixty staff in operations, administration, sales, and customer service environments. And I’ve worked closely with Executives on a day to day basis for multiple years.

As far as my personal philosophies go, you may be interested to know that it shouldn’t matter in coaching.

What matters is You: your values, your principles, your goals, your skills, your dreams and aspirations. That being said, I’ve lived experiences as a mother, sister, daughter, auntie, lover and friend, likely much like your own life:

  • caregiving for a family member with dementia,
  • death of a parent at a young age,
  • alienation from close family,
  • family and friends with addictions,
  • single parenting,
  • close family coming out as LGBTQ2,
  • unstable housing,
  • unplanned career changes,
  • spiritual crises and overcoming challenges,
  • balance personal with professional,
  • self, family and friends living with depression, anxiety and a host of mental health ‘labels’
  • and the list could go on.

I hope you you can tell that “I’ve been there too.”

So, while I’ve gone through all that stuff, what it means for YOU is that while my personal philosophies and beliefs have formed who I am, the real effect for you is that you will benefit from me being able to ask great questions that you may not have thought of and that will shift You.

Two of the foundations of coaching are a belief in human potential and an unwavering belief that you have within you everything that you need. So, my approach is to be present with you in a state of compassion and deep listening and lead you through a solution focused process. And most of all, to bring you my curiosity – so that I can ask you the tough questions that you haven’t been asking yourself.

I’m here to help you find what you know best – YOU!

Oh Wait!!! there’s another question that I forgot to answer: am I a dog person or a cat person? Both! well until the allergies get me!